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#iOS PDF programming is still not that difficult. Now we dive into #PDF itself ;)

In the last post I described how to "draw" on iOS, which served me well in getting me started on iOS PDF programming. Now I will combine Apple's print tutorial for iOS and what I've learned about drawing: As with "drawing", writing PDF isn't that complicated if you sit down and decipher it. And  Apple's print tutorial for … Continue reading

#iOS PDF programming isn’t that difficult either. The hard part is to know where to start ;)

I like to create a PDF file in my iPhone app. I then did spent to much time looking at various PDF framework. I didn't want to reinvent anything, but the frameworks I looked at just made things more complicated. So today I started to do it the Apple way, that's using Quartz 2D framework … Continue reading

#bizspark and #innovate100 company on Norwegian Innovation Stock Exchange! Thanks!

I've was greated this morning with the news that the Movation stock exchange for innovation companies had gone public. And we're there. Seems we got a super high evalutation too! Thanks go to investors, advisors and collegues helping us so far! And to Microsoft #Bizspark witch took care and educated us with the help of Chris … Continue reading

#ifacturas er på den norske innovasjonasbørsen – og høyt oppe – nå kan du stemme oss ennå høyere!

Innovasjonsbørsen Movation.no er endelig på lufta og vi er med! Les om de ulike selskapene på Innovasjonsbørsen. Klikker du på ideene, vil du bli bedt om å logge deg inn. Deretter kan du stemme på de ideene du tror mest på. Ved å stemme på ideer er du med på å hjelpe selskapene frem. Hver måned … Continue reading

Hands-on with @sensibleCocoa #iOS tableView framework – I see light in the tunnel!

I've got the "Sensible Tableview" installed. I've passed the videos one more time, and now I'm hands-on. Yesterday I tried a small project with some accounting database stuff. But ran into endless problems. So I decided to follow the Core Data video instead, trying to undersand the sensible way. The video however is showing a … Continue reading

I may have found the golden egg in #iOS database programming! It’s @sensiblecocoa

I've earlier told you about that programming iPhone isn't that hard. That was only partly true however. For database programming in iPhone is extremly complex. I've spent weeks trying to build a xcode template letting me have it my way, just to stumble, fall, hurt me, sweat and cry. Instead I got a flu, and … Continue reading

5M Norwegian has 6,5M mobile subscription. 9 of 10 buys smartphone now. iPhone 4 and 3GS are most sold. @asymco

In the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, there was some interesting mobile statistics for Norway. I did some tweets, and they awoke quite a huge interest. It appears that Norway is in the frontline in the mobile revolution, and that feature phones already is having less than 10% of the sales. Here are my tweets from yesterday: mortjac Morten … Continue reading

Med #Mac sparer jeg uker i vedlikehold og tusenvis av kroner i “Utilities”. Med #iCloud blir enda bedre! #neiTilSirupPC

Jeg brukte minst 3 dager på å administrere min Windows laptop hvert kvartal.  I tillegg kjørte Norton 360  og defrag kontinuerlig, og spredde sitt lim utover maskinen. Jeg hadde også backupprogrammer som sørget for at jeg ikke tapte data. Selfølgelig hadde jeg diskimages av de forskjellige diskene. Sirup, sirup og atter sirup! Jeg betalte mer … Continue reading

I just put my signature on a PDF in OSX Lion – Oh boy! Now I never have to do the stupid printing+scan again.

What a relief. I had to sign a Word file for the commutity of my house in Spain. Normally that means printing it out, firming it, scan it at send it back. The scan part I've lately done with my iPhone, but neverless, a lot of stupid work. I read about at Mac 101: Capture your … Continue reading

Windows 8 twits from #Builds Sinofsky keynote. Confirms #silverlight death.

It was great fun to watch Steven Sinofsky presenting Windows 8. But I have a small lingering doubt, reminding me of hearing Tom Henriksson presenting Nokia's view of the future in Düsseldorf last December. To talk about the importance of mobility and touch seems al little pasé, to say the least. But it was fun, … Continue reading