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Windows 8 twits from #Builds Sinofsky keynote. Confirms #silverlight death.

It was great fun to watch Steven Sinofsky presenting Windows 8. But I have a small lingering doubt, reminding me of hearing Tom Henriksson presenting Nokia's view of the future in Düsseldorf last December. To talk about the importance of mobility and touch seems al little pasé, to say the least.

But it was fun, and I'm clearly impressed. Mostly on how they have managed to curb the excesses in Windows uses of memory and processes, and that Windows 8 runs on ARM processors also.

A note regarding the death of Sivlerlight, which I forecasted long ago in my blog was now confirmed. First Class Citizens are HTML/CSS and JavaScript. XAML "can" be used for WP7 and old Windows program. You never get MS to pronounce the death penality more clearly than that.

So my initial tweet that XAML and HTML was at equal was wrong. Sorry for that!

 Morten Jacobsen


Last fall Steve Jobs announced BackToMac. Now Sinofsky on  announces BackToWindows!

 Morten Jacobsen 

Windows8 reduced memory footprint from half a MB to one third. Sinofsky on 

 Morten Jacobsen 

Silverlight is dead. Long live XAML! Sinofsky on 

 Morten Jacobsen 

XAML and HTML5/JS are the outmost layer of Windows8 API. Sinofsky on 


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