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In a way the Ultrabook platform is the Windows PC last hope.


TechCrunch by Matt Burns continue: 

…the Ultrabook platform is the Windows PC last hope. They offer a brand new form factor with similar performance over the current bulky models. They offer all the portability of a MacBook Air but with Windows. If the Ultrabook movement fails, only Steve Jobs himself will be able to build the PC Windows notebook space back to what it was before Apple hit the big time.

But will anyone want an Air clone without OSX Lion? Without apps, without a real touchpad, without gestures. And worse, without iCloud to synchronize their documents.

On behalf of the Windows PC I hope Matt Burs are wrong, and that there will be more tries and more competition.

If I had to buy a Windows PC this autumn, I would buy Asus UX21 or UX31. I don't believe the other can make something durable (sorry Acer and HP).

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