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A more secure life with Google 2-step authentication


Yesterday Google warned me that my email was forwarding all my mail to a suspect account. Google asked me to change passwords.

I've done that every time some attack my accounts. And I thing this it the fifth time.

I'm tired of this, so I thought now I would use Google 2-step authentication, in order to make it more difficult for the hackers. It wasn't difficult at all. Google provide an app. Google Authenticator, for my iPhone, which pop up 6 digits when I need them.

The Google experience was brilliant. Every gmail user should move to 2-step authentication now!

So now I'm calm and feeling a more secure 😀

About mortjac

Norwegian social entrepreneur, blogger&Swift programmer. PM for the OMG GL standard. Using #ULab to give #Villajoyosa sustainable tourism&tunable pipe organs.


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