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5 reasons to invest in ERP apps for iPhone. 5) Why just for iPhone?


Picture: the English gesture help screen from our iPhone iFacturas app.

The smartphone we all know and love, was invented by Apple in 2007. Luckily, Google followed suit, and a tremendous competition is taking place, to the benefit of all of us. The old masters, like Nokia, Ericsson and BlackBerry didn't or couldn't match the touch, the apps and the extreme increase in user experience, and are suffering.

Commercial and enterprise apps are more or less an Apple domain. Says Horace Dediu, Asymco, in his post iPhone share of phone market in Q1: 5% volumes, 20% revenues, 55% profit, where the title tells the story. The consumer are so satisfied with iPhone that we leave most of the profit to them. 

My company deliver to both Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and iPhone, and many has asked me why not Android. Yesterday I updated Why don't you make iFacturas billing app available for Android? where my points are that there isn't money in the Android market, and there are still security issues.

WP7 marketshare are still so small that it's difficult to measure. But they are a promising platform – at least if Microsoft and Nokia will be able to get high quality phones out this year. In my post of yesterday, Mango sure is nice, but I was disappointed. Somehow I've seen it before – on iPhone, I think express my concern of #wp7dev.

There have long been attempts to make frameworks which address many mobile platforms. We've tried some, but the user want genuine apps. WP7 users want the delights from Silverlight and iPhone users demand the whole set of goodies available through Objective-C. Cross platform development, in my view, is compelling, but I'm starting wondering if it is just a fake, and in the market, it is waning fast. Can Cross platform dev. be our own beloved but dangerous Fata Morgana?

So we are left to iPhone, the smartphone which grows fastest, gains more than half of the total mobile market's profit and has the highest user satisfaction, globally.

So, if consumer opinion, growth and profit matters, there isn't any other option just now. Invest in iPhone apps, and drop apps which attempts to cover many platforms.

Apps should be jewels, jewels should be hand crafted, and the best jewels aren't crafted easily – 

– but they shine!

Well, dear investor. I've passed six post on why you should invest on ERP apps on iPhone. I'm considering making a couple of post on why you should invest in my company iFacturas (there you have my disclosure!).

To my readers; thanks for reading. I'm happy to tell that the this series has had almost a thousand views. Pass it to others if you like it!

This post is the last in  series "5 reasons to invest in ERP apps for iPhone" which the following posts:


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