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5 reasons to invest in ERP apps for iPhone. 4) Apps


On mobile, apps are used 6 times more than browser according to  a study by Zokem as reported by Sarah Perez in ReadWriteWeb. 

According to the analyst Horace Dediu, Apps are the new brands. In Pattern recognition for smartphone investors he says:

As a new medium, apps will eventually be more valuable than the tools used to render them. The global app brands are probably not yet born, but some day they will be as important as Disney, News Corp and Universal Pictures in their heyday

Horace foresees there will appear a couple of new apps bigger than Facebook the next couple of years. I see that some of them will be financial related. The fact that SAP AG now enters both the cloud and the mobile is an indication supporting my view.

Apps are however, a totally another animal than PC and Web applications. They should be "minimalistic art items". For instance, fast, small, delightful, do just the necessary and affordable. 

For ERP providers who are used to endless menus, pages, yearly update cycle and a lot of paid training and support for the customers, this will be hard. I expect that startups will move a lot faster, and that the traditional accounting providers will buy companies like invoiceASAP, e-comomy and iFacturas instead of turning their big ship 180 grades. (Disclosure: I'm CEO and founder of iFacturas as).

So dear investor, don't miss the opportunity to be on the train. It's just leaving the station!

Note: This post is part of my series "5 reasons to invest in ERP apps for iPhone" with the following posts:


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