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5 reasons to invest in ERP apps for iPhone: 1) The mobile


The mobile, or actually the smartphone, is becoming increasing personal. And by being accessible 24/7 it is becoming one of our favorite tools, even with small screens and cramped keyboards. So personal, it even sleeps in our bedroom. See the info-graphic in the end of the post!

Data supports this story. Smart-phone sales increased 80%, feature phones just 2% in the first Quarter of 2011. In Norway, Netcom reports that more than 90% of phones are smart-phones. The same is reported from the US.

Laptops are also becoming more mobile-like. Apple, for instance, is now changing the laptop and PC market with it's "Back to the Mac" program, where it moves mobile architecture and ways to interact from the mobile to the PC. And Dell and other PC makers are following suite.

This isn't a trend. It's an avalanche, which swipes developers and investor and users as well.

I've speculated and written a lot on the matter, specially about the smartphone sensors, which open a lot of ways to interact efficiently on such a small device. For instance camera, gyroscope, GPS, accelerometer, temperature meter, and touch sensitivity. Together with internet connectivity this make the mobile a extremely powerful device.

In this mobile era we are seeing a lot of disruptions. Here I list a few:

  • E-books selling more than printed books
  • MP3 selling more than CDs
  • Streaming video and TV selling more than DVD and Blue rays disks together
  • Newspaper and Magazines moves from print
  • Digital photo has replaced traditional Kodak solutions
  • Landline telephones and fax are replaced by mobiles
  • Internet are moving from landlines to mobile

Or, when did you last use your walkman, your , your video recorder, your radio and so on.

So if you invest, then invest in mobile, and specially in smart-phones. In just a couple of years the mobile will be the smartphone, and we will all call it simply mobile.


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Norwegian social entrepreneur, blogger&Swift programmer. PM for the OMG GL standard. Using #ULab to give #Villajoyosa sustainable tourism&tunable pipe organs.


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