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5 reasons to invest in ERP apps for iPhone, before the market reach the “tipping point”


In books and in PC we've recently seen Post-PC devices like iPad and services like e-books are starting reaching critical masses. The ERP business is still both mainframe and windows based. I still see people use DOS for accounting. But there are arriving new financial apps every day. 

The point of time when reaching critical mass are often called the tipping point. We are a long way from a tipping point in ERP apps, very long indeed, but now that even SAP start porting to the cloud and mobiles, we are approaching!

Last I put up the 6 question on why to invest in ERP apps for iPhone. Today I give you 5 reasons. (The last question is moved to a future post). :
  1. Why mobile? The PC isn't dead, stupid. It just reappeared in our pocket as the smartphone. The difference is that it has more sensors and is connected to the cloud.
  2. Why the cloud? The mobile needs a back-office to do the dirty Working. It's here, and it is the cloud. Heavy duty work like storage and number-crunching, is where the Cloud excels.
  3. Why touch and gestures? They are direct physical manipulation – contrary to abstract tools like mouse and keyboard.
  4. Why apps? On mobile, apps are used 6 times more than browser. According to the analyst Horace Dediu, there will appear 10 new apps even bigger than Facebook in the next couple of years. I expect some of them will be financial related.
  5. Why iPhone? Commercial and enterprise apps are more or less an Apple domain. Says Dediu:  “iPhone share of phone market in Q1: 5% volumes, 20% revenues, 55% profit. The fact that Apple are harvesting more than the half of the markets profit, and combined with their practice in investing profit in new devices and services, make me believe that this number is quite significant for investors.

We know the world will be doing their financial tasks on their mobile devices. But we don’t know nor the day or month of the tipping point.

I will try to elaborate around the 5 points during the week. These posts will discuss the ERP apps market in General. Later I'll try show why the investors could be well off by looking at my company iFacturas and it's apps. (There was finally my disclosure…)

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