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How Horace Dediu in @asymco profoundly inspired me to write less and better

I was happy to meet with Horace in Helsinki in January. We spent a couple of hours together. Horace speaks like he writes. I had to be so concentrated that I either made notes nor photographs. He made me think and concentrate a lot. So after we left, I was totally exhausted…


We was talking about blogging. Horace asked me how many posts I made. I told 12 -18  each day. That was quite a lot, was his dry remark, wondering how I could manage so much. I told him how I discovered, commented and copied from my extensive RSS feed, which his blog was an important part.

Later I read his Priorities which in the last point states:

Select. Publish only when the contribution is unique. Avoid redundancy, clutter and noise. Don’t waste reader time.

I had to use months to digest this sentence only. But one day I suddenly got the strength my practice. This happened at the same time I discovered @SproutSocial, a social media management tool. And then suddenly I had the goal, the strengt and the mean to realize a profound change.

I did go from 80-100 weekly posts to about 20. I assume half of my post are now written entirely on my own. The rest is mostly just a comment to something interesting. So that's about a 75% reduction.

And is the change reflected in the statistics. Well, the clicks have fallen 30-40%. But my engagement score in Spout Social has actually quadrupled.

Blogging is a life-long learning process. For instance, I've still have some other of Horace priorties to implement…

So if you like mobile, apps and statistics you shouldn't go wrong reading http://asymco.com!

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Norwegian social entrepreneur, blogger&Swift programmer. PM for the OMG GL standard. Using #ULab to give #Villajoyosa sustainable tourism&tunable pipe organs.


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