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Why should you use social media? To enchant people – according to @GuyKawasaki

Most of the posts in the social media tackles the how, when and what questions. How to gain followers, when to tweet and what is the best content. Very few discuss the why.

Guy Kawasaki go directly at it in his new book (Well, it's not that new. Some months have passed…). Why on earth should you participate in the social media. And his answer is quite simple and at the same time insanely difficult: Enchanting people.

Guy tell us to enchant, or according to dictionary.net: To delight in a high degree; to charm; 

Guy is an enchanting person himself. I was happy to have 10 minutes when he advised me and @Revaliente. But for less enchanting people like my self, this will be a lifelong battle.

However, I want people to experience the magic in invoicing from an iPhone. So that if they need to invoice, they use our app. So I have to at least to try to enchant.

I've just finished the free part of his book on Kindle. I read it on my iPhone. It was that good, I just had to tap the buy button, and now I'm diving into his story. 

I tell you more later. If you don't like to wait for me go to Enchantment on Facebook or download it on Kindle for less than $12!

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