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Facebook single sign-on is only used on 2% of my apps – @om I don’t understand. Enlight me please!

I'm flabbergasted. 

Having asked for Facebook single sign-on from my developers since November, I found they didn't understand it. So I wrote a couple of posts, and then today started to look for which of my about 150 apps does use Facebook single sing-on. And after an hour I found only tree: Instapaper, Diptic and MealSnap. Both Instapaper and Diptic are highly rewarded apps, so I wasn't surprised to find single sign-on on them. But I wasn't able to find it on any other of my 20+ social apps or 15+ photo apps.

I don't understand it.

Om Malik wrote in What makes apps delightful:

Better yet, use Facebook Connect, which removes any friction that there is in terms of sign-ups. There is a big risk of you being logged out of all these apps if your account gets hacked, like mine was a couple of months ago. But app developers are embracing the Facebook Connect, and are well aware of such risks. 

Dear Om Malik, could you counter or verify my poor findings?


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