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How to create a mobile store with Facbook and Paypal integration?

I’m want to create a new Norwegian online store, for a dozen physical articles, and optimize the store for mobiles.

I normally start a new prosject by searching in Google. First I search inside my google reader newsfeeds, and afterwards on the net. Google gave me a lot of bad suggestions, where the following was somewhat explored:

  • Appcelator – I downloaded and ran the first sample, but then was stuck. It’s way to complicated for this small project
  • Shopify – seemed nice, but I needed to translate it to Norwegian. Ruled out.
  • Checkout – I’ve wasn’t sure on how to use google. it seemed only possible in US
  • Movyli – the same as shopify

The research wasn’t satisfying at all, so I went on to see what i could obtain from the blogging platforms i know. Blogging SW for me is for me very compelling. 8 years experience and 20 blogs gives me confidence.

Since I’m primary a blogger-blogger, I naturally check it first, but I didn’t find any options for paypal. Neither in wp.com. But in wp.org I found 2 two interesting themes with paypal included and with paypal cart: MetamorphosisTheme.com and StorefrontThemes.com.

Trying to decide between the two themes is difficult. I’ve tried them on my iPhone, but none default to the mobile theme as my own blogs do. Metamorphosis is however, the only who states it’s good for mobiles. So the way ahead is first looking at the paypal cart in a good mobile theme. Then test the paypal integrated themes. Since they require some money upfront, it’s good to postpone them a bit…


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Norwegian social entrepreneur, blogger&Swift programmer. PM for the OMG GL standard. Using #ULab to give #Villajoyosa sustainable tourism&tunable pipe organs.


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