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Don’t forget Bahrain. They are passing hard times fighting for a decent life!

In Bahrain, the conflict seems to go from bad to worse, when the PM har ordered death penality on demonstrators.

I’m told that this is about the Prime Minister, vying for power over the King and Crown Prince. And that the Shiite Majority in Bahrain respect the King & hold on to hope that the Crown Prince will gain strength to over come the manipulation of the the PM. He has been in charge for 42 years.

I’m also told that the people want to be represented and be heard. There protests are economic, about housing, health, education, equality and the chance of a decent job. This is what they have been protesting for, not to over throw the the Govt.

The moderates from both communities were uniting (Sunni & Shia), when the “thugs” started causing trouble. This reminds me on Egypt, when Mubarak let prisoner loose to attack demonstrators. This is extremly bad actions, that will make reconciliations even more difficult after the conflict ends.

Seems to me that it’s the brave people of Bahrain who suffer. The moderates in Bahrain both, Shia and Sunni who have lived together for hundreds of years.

I hope the PM restrict himself. History shows us that the opressed one day will rule. And each day there are fewer rude countries to hide in…

Thanks to @davemsund for informing me!


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