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Mobile: How hooked are we? 39% use it on the bathroom, 20% would drop cable TV if necessary, Google survey tells.

In a post from TechCrunch by Leena Rao called Google Survey: 39 Percent Of Smartphone Owners Use Their Devices In The Bathroom, there is a lot of interesting statistics putting numbers to what we already knows:

…93% of smartphone users use their phones at home; 81% browse the Internet and 77% search on their phones, 72% of smartphone users use their phones while consuming other media. One-third of smartphone owners use their phones while watching TV. And 45% of smartphone consumers use their phones to help them to manage and plan activities, such as for dinner plans, travel arrangements and finances. Google says that 39% admit to having used their smarpthone while going to the bathroom and one in five users would give up their Cable TV in order to keep using their smartphones.

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