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Pattern recognition for smartphone investors – by @asymco

Most of my readers, and a lot more around, knows Horace Dediu in Asymco. Here he is with a great new blogpost

Discussing the current states of mobile analythics, Dediu says:

But theory allows us to still make some bold claims. Grounding your investment thesis in pattern recognition rather than extrapolation should be the better strategy. So here are the telltale signs I recommend watching for investable ideas.

He goes through three points, being Breakthrough in power savings, Innovative pricing and Platform that conforms to application needs. The fourth point, however, got my full interest:

As a new medium, apps will eventually be more valuable than the tools used to render them. The global app brands are probably not yet born, but some day they will be as important as Disney, News Corp and Universal Pictures in their heyday

The App Store is the incubator for these embryonic megabrands.

These bold sentences we should really meditate, and then act accordingly!

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