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3 reasons why @SproutSocial is the best social media manager I’ve ever used. Better than @HootSuite, @Sendible and @ObjMarketer #smm #SoMe

Sprout Social stands out from the crowd. It helps you engage your readers. It greets you with the most friendly UI in the market. It's prize is reasonable. Here my three most important reasons:

  1. Post brilliantly to my media. Many tools have the ability to post to different media. Sprout does it nicer and better to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook Pages. It even let's you edit the Facebook part, so you can take away markups like # and add a picture and edit text.
  2. Makes my social work easier. The Social Inbox make it super simple to follow up your social media stream. I felt I was lost in Twitter, but not anymore.
  3. It delights me. It's just beautiful. Design is so important when you work a lot in the web. Sprout use nice modern colours, typefaces and forms.

Are there drawbacks? Oh yes, they are the only one of the test that din't have an iPhone app. So there's no way to read statistics and follow-up on my mobile. And I also would like to more freely schedule future tweets. But, it's just good enough and expect they will evolve the product.

Conclusion: This tool is just like a gift from above. Sprout has definely the right balance of price and features. It has two options one Pro for $9 monthly and Business for $49. The main difference are you have access to global and local groups and keyword targeting with the Business version. This is important for me, and I may move up from Pro when I have had more time with Sprout Social. But as of know, in 6 days when my trial version expires, I go for the Pro version.

And you should too!

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Norwegian social entrepreneur, blogger&Swift programmer. PM for the OMG GL standard. Using #ULab to give #Villajoyosa sustainable tourism&tunable pipe organs.


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