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#SoMe strategy 4: Setting up Posterous for selective autoposting

Strategy must be implemented. Things still remains to be done. For example, how on earth do I post to different blogs and social media. Appereantly here is the answer from Posterous help:

Selective Autopost

Do you have multiple sites of the same type? For example, do you have two Twitter accounts but you only want to autopost to one of them? Email #text@posterous.com to send only to sites where the url contains that text.

If you have apple.wordpress.com and banana.wordpress.com, you can email #apple@posterous.comto update apple but not banana. Combine here also. #apple+twitter@posterous.com will post to apple.wordpress.com and all your twitter sites.

Categories for posterous:

iFacturas: twitter+linkedin+#ifacturas+wordpress@posterous.com

Apple: twitter+linkedin+#ifacturas+wordpress@posterous.com

Social media: twitter+linkedin+blogger+#ifacturas+wordpress@posterous.com

Leisure: twitter+blogger+facebook@posterous.com

appsLifestyle: twitter+linkedin+blogger+wordpress@posterous.com

Hootsuite vs. Sprout

Sat up HootSuite to work with ht.ly in order to get analythics and landingpage. Not that difficult. And it works!

Also sat up Sprout, which has a lovely UI, and doing some comments from it. Will do more there after evaluated HootSuite


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Norwegian social entrepreneur, blogger&Swift programmer. PM for the OMG GL standard. Using #ULab to give #Villajoyosa sustainable tourism&tunable pipe organs.


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