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6 posts about links and people that inspires me in my social media marketing planning #smm @gruber @asymco @guykawasaki @revaliente

Social media managment. I’ve tried a lot of tools and blog platforms. I know I need to update different blogs, twitter accounts and different facebook pages. And the hub I need should be accessible from all devices and OS’s. There’s only one I know and it’s Posterous. I wrote earlier: Can Posterous.com be the Tool to use for our Social Media Publishing? #smm

Blog platform. I've got tweets telling me my blog doesn't work well on iPad. That's really bad. So now I'm looking at alternatives to blogging in blogger.com again. And it seem WordPress doing really nice things for iPad: Wow Your iPad Readers

Design. I’m big fan of modernist typography. In fact a paid for having Ooruc create an Blogger version of this WordPress templatee: Free WordPress Theme with Focus on Typography

Facebook fan pages. Guy Kawasaki has been a guru for me and my company since we talked to him in Paris last year. I would love to have him as an adviser, but only when I have a lot of money. As of now, I prefer to read his public advices. And that’s quite a lot, for Guy is quite open, just see: @GuyKawasaki: Facebook Fan Page or Website?

Current inspirators include in addition to Guy Kawasaki:

Horace Dediu writes and analyze very well. He is using the WP template Basic Math, which I’ve considered. From The Asymco way i paste the following:

This codification of values has inspired me to put in writing my own priorities for Asymco:

    1. Learn by writing. Teach by listening.
    2. Improve. Move the intellectual ball forward.
    3. Illuminate topics which are bereft of analysis.
    4. Be notable. “The proliferation consideration.” How likely is the idea to being widely re-published?
    5. Review. Encourage participation by reading all comments and reply to as many as possible. Police comments with zero tolerance.
    6. Repair. Declare and correct errors.
    7. Select. Publish only when the contribution is unique. Avoid redundancy, clutter and noise. Don’t waste reader time.

Many have asked: What about the business model? I’m afraid there isn’t one. I’m still naive enough to think that if I build a great product then everything else will take care of itself.

John Gruber has a very personal style with either just linking with a short commentary to a post, or create a throughout long discussion. Here is a post about him: Webstock: An interview with the Daring Fireball alias @Gruber

Here are two examples:

Departing CEO Eric Schmidt Tried to Get Search Team to Hide His Political Donation From Search Results 

Why not just change his name?

The Macalope: Fools of the Year 

Good list of jackasses.

@Revaliente, my knight in this 10 month struggle. I couldn't done it without you!

I will thank my inspirators! Every nice touch in my social media are due to them. Every bad word is mine. 

And to my readers: hope you bear over with all my hoops. I’m, normally, doing it for you 😉


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Norwegian social entrepreneur, blogger&Swift programmer. PM for the OMG GL standard. Using #ULab to give #Villajoyosa sustainable tourism&tunable pipe organs.


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