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Microsoft Shifts From Silverlight to HTML5

I reported i May that MS people fro. Redmond told me that in two years Silverlight and XCode would both be extinct, replaced by HTML5. I’ve discussed that later with MS staff in Norway, denying it. Now Mashable refers to just to interviews with central MS decisionmakers that confirmed the information I had from Redmond. This is certainly bad news for everyone developing in Silverlight.

I see this in connection with the leave of Ray Ozzie. This is really one more failure in his 5 year old strategy, that together with Live services will cost MS a fortune.

A post by Christina Warren from Mashable Tech breaks the story. Here is a part:

Adobe isn’t the only company being tempted by the sweet taste of HTML5, Microsoft has a hankering for the stuff too.
Despite its past efforts to shape Silverlight into the leading cross-platform runtime for the web and the desktop, Microsoft now says that its strategy and plans for Silverlight “has shifted.”
ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley spoke with Bob Muglia, the president of Microsoft’s server and tools business about the lack of focus on Siverlight at the company’s Professional Developers Conference this week.
Muglia’s response was pretty telling. Although he reaffirmed Microsoft’s commitment to making Silverlight the development platform for Windows Phone, he noted that the cross-platform solution Microsoft sees going forward is HTML.
Speaking with Foley, Muglia said, “HTML is the only true cross platform solution for everything, including (Apple’s) iOS platform.”
This is a big admission from the company that has spent years trying to push Silverlight as a cross-platform technology forward. As a video technology — indeed even as an application technology — Silverlight and WPF are actually pretty nice. I attended a two-day XAML workshop held at Microsoft’s Atlanta offices in 2009 and was very impressed with the capabilities and the toolsets that were possible within Silverlight.

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