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Sleep Made Simple #insomnia

My grand-daugther just pass away whenever she want. My wife turns around, and that is. A post from Psycology today by Emanuel H. Rosen, MD tells the story. Here is the start:

There are many links one can use to find comprehensive background information about sleep.
http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/brain_basics/understanding_sle… is the best link to begin. 

As a psychiatrist and author, what follows is my Get Well Formula. Here’s to hoping it puts you to sleep.
Why did I choose to begin my blog with something that happens at the end of the day?
Because sleep is crucial to your happiness.
When I was in training, I was taught, “Don’t treat sleep, it’s a symptom, treat the problem that causes sleep issues.” Now I think, maybe sometimes we treat sleep, and the underlying problem goes away.
I predict in ten years we will be more aggressively targeting sleep as a primary change parameter and find that other issues hinge even more on this function than is currently assumed. 

So how do we tackle sleep together.
First, we have to learn about it. Knowledge is Power. The more you understand sleep, the less of a mystery it is, and the more you relax. Relaxation is more than half the battle with insomnia.
Sleep hygiene begins an hour before bed. True or False?
Answer: False
It begins when you first open your eyes in the morning. 

SLEEP can be thought of as divided into two main phases.
Phase 1 The On/Off Switch. Your brain’s switch must turn off for you first to fall asleep.
Phase 2 Staying Asleep. Once asleep, you want to stay in that blissful phase of oblivion until the alarm goes off in the AM.


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