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Goodbye, MacBook Pro. The New MacBook Air Is That Good.

Sieglers MacBook Air to the left, Pro to the right.

MS Siegler is the lucky guy in TechCrunch with the MacBook Air. He writes a lot about the fact that the Air is so super fast executing programs. He tries to explain it, and does it well. It’s a long post, but it’s worth reading how not only your future mac will be, but even your laptop. That’s because everyone will follow suite, not to leave Apple alone the future laptop market as well. Here is the post from TechCrunch, and below some parts:

Last Wednesday, I got my hands on one of the new MacBook Airs. I haven’t touched my MacBook Pro since. It’s six months old. RIP. 

I know that sounds outrageous. Or like hyperbole. But it’s not. When I wrote up my initial thoughts, it was after only a few hours of usage. I hadn’t even used it outside the house yet. But now I have. I’ve used it almost everywhere I’ve been for just about a week now. There’s no question in my mind that this has replaced my MacBook Pro as my go-to machine. 

But here’s the really crazy thing. It’s not just the size of the thing that I love so much (I have the 13-inch model) — which is amazing — it’s the speed. This thing boots up in less than 15 seconds, ready to go. My i7 iMac with 8 GB of RAM takes something like 2 minutes. My i7 MacBook Pro takes at least 30-45 seconds, and it has an SSD drive. 

Applications seem to load quicker. Files transfer quicker. The thing shuts down in about 3 seconds. Macworld has the initial benchmarks. They don’t lie. It just screams.


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