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The Future of Silverlight

Will we need Silverlight in the future, or is it enough with HTML5. We are a lot of developers trying to take the right decisions, and Colin Blair in The Elephant and the Silverlight blog has a nice post. Here is the conclusion:

Finally, let me close this out with some of my own commentary on the subject of Flash and Silverlight vs HTML 5. I think that it is important that Silverlight and Flash continue to break new ground. HTML 5 is currently adding features that Flash (and more recently Silverlight) pioneered. I think you can make a very persuasive argument that HTML 5 only exists because Flash was there first. Who knows what new abilities will be in HTML 6 that will be pioneered in current and future versions of Flash and Silverlight? The experience with the Java has taught us that innovation will not be allowed inside the standards process, at least not by Microsoft. It is better that Microsoft and Adobe have their own sandboxes outside of the “open standards” where that innovation can occur.


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