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7 Handy iPhone Apps for Managing Employee Time

One of the main features of our own app iFacturas, in registering billable hours. So it’s quite relevant to see which possibility exist in apps that may be competitors. May be, because no of them are exposing the invoicing part of a cloudbased ERP for independent for contractors. But, anyway, it’s fun and both my readers, friends and foes should read it. A post from Mashable Business by Sarah Kessler has the whole story. Here is a part:

Time cards and punch clocks used to be the most efficient tools for managing employee time. But as more and more small businesses hire remote workers or do away with a physical office altogether, having employees punch in and out the traditional way makes less sense.
The following seven apps offer a mobile software update to the traditional punch card. Whether you just want a virtual version of the old standard, want your remote employees to be able to track their time, or need to track the time employees spend on specific projects, you’ll find something on this list to help you manage your employees’ time.

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