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Tipping Points and The Future of Electronics – #Android

Android is the most unified electronics device platform in the industry’s history“, tells Steven Robertson. And questioning the whole discussion about which of iPhone and Android mobiles are most ope. A blog post in Neuros has the story. Here is the last paragraphs:

This is not a new idea

These lessons can be gleaned easily from the PC trends in the 80’s, which leads one to wonder why it took so long for this to happen. The Linux kernel itself certainly swept through the embedded systems market years ago, and it’s the de facto choice for small-run hardware designs (and a lot of big-run ones, too), but no good platform, spanning all the way from system libraries to user interface, has ever taken hold of the electronics industry before Android.
But that’s beside the point, which is this: saying that Android is fragmented as a phone platform by comparing it to the iPhone is like saying the iPhone App Store is closed by comparing it to the PC.It’s the wrong comparison. Instead, think of it this way:
Android is the most unified electronics device platform in the industry’s history.
The fact that so many vendors have been taking Android and sticking it in places where Google didn’t intend it to go is evidence that the platform is flexible and open enough to support new applications. I’m confident that you’ll start seeing Android everywhere — even in places where most of the platform will never be used — because the question engineers are asking now is not “Why would we use Android?”, but “Why wouldn’t we?” And from there, it’s a short wait until Western entrepreneurs discover that their novel ideas are suddenly practical ones.
In fact, don’t wait for it. Go out there right now and make something.

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