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Can Anyone Really Compete With the iPad?

No Windows 7 tablet for the consumer market has arrived as of today. The PC makers complains that the W7 isn’t up to the task and has dropped releases. Google has warned that Android 2.2 isn’t either up to the task, and the other mobile OSs are still in development. The few that have released are way to expensive, and they just have half of the screen estate as iPad.
Furthermore, developers love the iPad and it now has more than 35 thousand apps. A blog post from GigaOM by Colin Gibbs tells his view. Here are some part of it:

A few months ago, I said there was still plenty of room in the tablet market, despite the runaway success of the iPad. But as I discuss in my weekly column over at GigaOM Pro, I’m beginning to wonder if anyone else can come up with a hit tablet for mainstream consumers.
The iPad continues to gain ground. The Register insightfully noted that the 4.19 million units sold represented a 28 percent increase over the previous quarter, and iSuppli last week upped its forecast for fourth-quarter iPad sales, saying component-availability problems are improving.
The iPad’s success is due largely to the fact that it can replace lots of minor devices. It serves as an e-reader, mobile gaming system, digital photo album and portable media player, in addition to being a great device for browsing and running all sorts of other apps. It’s intuitive enough that anyone from my four-year-old to my great-grandmother can pick it up for the first time and use it successfully.

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