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Big Brother Apple and the Death of the Program Me: Dawn of the app

Yes Matt, you argue the case excellent and you have a lot of very good points. But just because of you and hordes of people like you, Apple will adjust. As it did with the 3-party tool prohibition a month ago. As Steve Job pointed out at D3: we have a closed platform and an open platform which are HTML5. Users and governments will never allow apple to drop the open platform. With jQuery Mobile this platform will make it difficult to distinguish between “native” and HTML5 apps.
Read matt buchanan from Gizmodo’s article whole article. Some parts below:

Click here to read Big Brother Apple and the Death of the Program

More than 25 years ago, a commercial warned us about the future of computers. Closed. Censored. Dark. A “garden of pure ideology.” How strange that that’s exactly what the future of Apple’s computers looks like today: the Mac App Store. More » 


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