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49% of Small Business Owners Use Smartphones

In VentureLab Investment Forum in Oslo, some investors questioned the smartphone market. It’s nice to get these numbers from US. I know we are even more tech crazy in Norway, and I remember that Spain had a about 150% increase in smartphone use. The blog post in mashable.com tells the story. Here are a few paragraphs:

Over the past few years, it seems that a few mobile devices have become ubiquitous among businesspeople: laptops, Bluetooth headsets, and increasingly, smartphones. The days of the pager are gone.

Small business owners seem to be outpacing the rest of America in smartphone adoption, according to a recent survey of nearly 10,000 small business owners. While only 17% of Americans own smartphones, according to a recent Forrester study, a whopping 49% of small business owners are reported to own smartphones. 

Of those smartphone owners, 35% own BlackBerrys, 33% own iPhones, 25% own Androids, and 7% own Windows Mobile devices.


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