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InvestorForum by VentureLab in Oslo a success story #startups

Photo from Hotel Continental website

200 persons, mostly investors, joined to see what 20 startups could offer in Oslo after the finance crisis. I was astonished to see so many foreign investors, from US and from UK.
There was in my opinion a lot of great projects. Since I also presented, I could only follow some:

Yes Game: They have ingenuos reduced the chess board from 8X8 to 5X6 by taking away all second officers. In that way they have create a Chess Attack, which can take you into the final stage of a chess party immediately. They have it for iPhone and very important, also as a physical board.

uformia created software very well suited for 3D printing. The CEO Cherie Stamm was an American living in Norway. She softened every Norwegian heart when the said the reason was our beautiful nature. 3D Printing is in my opinion a possibility for the Western society to rebuild the manufacturing industry we lost to China.

kikora presented a math editor, which evaluated every step in solving a problem, thus giving you the ability to correct early. And recorded and collected your progress to let your teacher following you tightly. How lucky are the Norwegian pupils in Oslo that use this tool!
I presented iFacturas. I’ll tell you this story in another post.

Setred by Jon Riekeles demonstrated an impressive 3 tool to assist in brain surgery. I certainly will be more relaxed if I knew the surgeon was using 3D instead of only a flat view of my blood wessels.

There was some lectures as well. For me the important was the panel discussion of the importance of Facebook startups. Jan Storehaug put it out quite blunt. I’m citing him quite freely: If your’e not using Facebook as a distribution channel in IT you should do something else.

I also was impressed with the innovation work done in Utah described by Steve Grizzel from InnoVentures. They invested in student projects in a great way.

The very well arranged VentureLab event took place on Hotel Continental and was terminated with a great reception at the impressive British Ambassadors Residence.


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