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Free As A Bird: Initial Thoughts After A Day With The New MacBook Air

Photo of the 13 inch Mac Air from TechCrunch blog.

Siegler is one of the lucky guys able to try the new type of tool that will be the template for all otrhe laptops from now. Siegler is so excited, and a brilliant writer so I let a part of the post by MG Siegler from TechCrunch tell the story:

I’ve done it. I’ve worn the battery completely down on one of the new MacBook Airs. As such, I thought I’d post some initial thoughts about the machine. This isn’t a huge all-encompassing review — I haven’t even used it outside of my apartment yet — but rather my initial thoughts for those of you thinking about rushing out to buy one.
All day, I’ve been testing out the 13.3-inch model. After playing around with the 11.6-inch model in the demo area after Apple’s event today, I decided that while it is freakishly, insanely small, I’d rather carry the extra .5 pounds and get the extra 2 hours of battery life that the slightly larger model offers. And I think that was the right choice, I’ve been using it all day and the battery just wore out.
The iPad has spoiled me. I often look at my 5.6 pound MacBook Pro with dread now. It’s simply too bulky. And considering I have never used the optical drive on the thing, I can’t figure out why I need some of that bulk. This new MacBook Air eliminates it.
Bottom line: so far, I love this thing.


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