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5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Outstanding

Late autumn in Norway

Are your blog posts just “okay”? Want to make them great? If so, keep reading”

– got my full attention. Well, I thought my blog was pretty good, until reading this, and now I admit I’ll still has a long and a steep uphill to go. Jeff Corhan summarize:

A great blog post respects the needs of three distinct entities. It educates and informs your audience (your subscribers and visitors), optimizes for the search engines and sufficiently energizes you so that you do a good job creating it.

Just look at the way he use bold and italics. The folks are really good. The post appears in Social Media Examiner, and here I’ve added the paragraphs about typogrphics:

#2: Offers Easy to Consume Content

When you organize your content so that it’s easily consumed, you tap into a secret of blogging. The more readily your content is assimilated in the minds of your readers, the more favorably it’s received—and remembered.
Here are some ways to accomplish this.
  • Blog for Your AudienceAs you develop your blogging style, always consider the needs of your audience. My audience is the same as that of Social Media Examiner—business professionals and marketers. They expect me to get to the point quickly and avoid technical jargon.
  • Learn to Write in AP StyleIf you scan any news source, you’ll notice the paragraphs are short—only a few sentences. This is one of the hallmarks ofAssociated Press (AP) style of writing, which many journalists consider to be the standard. These guidelines will give your posts a professional appearance and make them easier to consume.
  • Use SubheadingsThis helps both you and the reader. I tend to write my first draft quickly for flow and readability. Then I go back and organize with subheadings, while also reorganizing and eliminating entire paragraphs so that my readers don’t have to.
  • Create Lists: Lists are the ultimate organizing tool, which is why they’re frequently retweeted—thereby attracting valuable links back to your blog.
  • Use Italics and Bold Text for EmphasisIf someone reads your blog post word for word, it’s usually after skimming it first. Help readers do both by emphasizing key points with italics, bold text and, with care, all caps.

If you’re into blogging this story can change your life.


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