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iPhone vs. Android vs. Blackberry, According to VCs

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I site from a post from ReadWriteWeb by Sarah Perez about the opinion of John Albright:

  • John Albright, Founder and Managing Partner, JLA Ventures
    and Co-Managing Partner, 
    BlackBerry Partners Fund Related investments: mobile advertising startup Nexage, mobile content distribution startup PocketGear

“On a macro basis, we want to invest in mobile companies that address all the major platforms in the marketplace, so it’s Apple, BlackBerry and Android.
For a commerce platform, we’d push [a startup] to write to BlackBerry or Apple. I’d say you have to have both of them covered. The Android platform and the devices out there have a poor commerce solution. You have to go through Google checkout and to do that you have to register with Google and most users aren’t registered. So if your solution is dependent on or driving commerce, don’t do it for Android.
Also, if the application is material to users, if they’re going to care about privacy, then I’d say again that Android is inferior to BlackBerry and Apple because it’s an open platform, and there are pros and cons to open platforms. On the one hand, it’s nice because anyone can write an app to it and Google doesn’t really say whether it’s good or bad, [unlike] when you’re dealing with Apple and Blackberry, where apps have to be cleared. [That could] result in thousands of developers dedicated to the [Android] platform. But you might get lower quality developers because they don’t have to clear any quality or security hurdles. It’s also a lot easier for hackers to get in to Android [because of its open platform].”
Albright also shared some concerns about the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem, saying it could become a real headache.


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