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iPad adoption rate fastest in electronics product history

iPad and Starbucks together!

A post from Ars Technica by chris.foresman@arstechnica.com (Chris Foresman) is a goodie to start the days work. Chris tells that the adoption rate of iPad is even faster than the DVD player! I cite:

Some people still doubt the iPad’s chances for success, but current sales rates suggest that the device could rank among top consumer electronics categories within a year. As noted by Bernstein Research analyst Colin McGranahan, consumers are adopting the iPad faster than any other consumer electronics device, including the iPhone and the near-ubiquitous DVD player.
“The iPad did not seem destined to be a runaway product success straight out of the box,” said McGranahan in a recent note to investors, acknowledging the many criticisms about the iPad’s lack of certain features at launch. “By any account, the iPad is a runaway success of unprecedented proportion.”
The iPad’s current sales rate is approximately 4.5 million units per quarter, according to Bernstein. That tops the1 million per quarter that the original iPhone sold at launch, and the 350,000 per quarter when DVD players first launched.


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