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How we will use SQL with Windows Phone 7 in the future? #wp7

One of my main reasons to go into WP7 is Silverlight and the connection it has MS Azure. Finally it seems MS will get there quite soon. And their vehicle is OData and WCF Data Services aka “Astoria”. A post from MSDN Data Services Team Blog give some details:

To enable development in the near term, we are going to create a client library that is Windows Phone 7 friendly by removing the LINQ translator from the client. This will be done by adding #ifdefs to our SL4 client code as well as some additional code changes as required. This means you’ll get many of the features you are used to from the Silverlight 4 WCF Data Service client library (serialization, materialization, change tracking, binding, identity resolution, etc), but you will need to formulate queries via URI instead of via LINQ. To mitigate the lack of Add Service Reference support in the current version of the tools, we’re looking at providing a T4 template (or command line tool) to enable the simple creation of phone-friendly client code generation.

And when? Really soon. (I don’t know what that means in the oData Group πŸ˜‰


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