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The Touch-Mobile-Cloud all out war (10): Wrapping up and looking ahead

What’s the name of this nice park?

This is the tenth and last post in my series: «8 reasons why PCs, servers, applications, search and web have peeked, whilst the mobile, the cloud, social media and apps are surging ahead.» This last post will try to wrap up my series, and point at future trends in the market, my company and myself are heading at.

I will start to cite Mark Sigal: We are now entering the second quarter of the age of mobile computing, making his word mine, and let us the look at what’s ahead. I see three trends:

  1. Apple’s continuously extending their eco-system to TV and Laptops and social media
  2. The cloud moving to be a IT-as-a-Service
  3. Microsoft creating the Visual Basic for Business Application in the Cloud

iPod and iTunes seemed so innocents when they came out in 2002. Who could know that they were the seed to a completely new family of powerful devices.

1) The future development of Apple eco-system
From reading Mark Sigal’s article it has become evident for me that in addition to iOS, iTunes is one of the cornerstones of their eco-system. This week, Apple has started delivering their Apple TV, which will be controlled from iTunes. Furthermore, Steve Jobs gave a little hint at Apple AirPlay, which will enable the rest of iOS family to stream video and audio to Apple TV.
Since their TV-box also is based on iOS, we can expect them to enable app development later.
In September Apple released Ping, their social layer for iTunes. We can expect this to be pretty convenient, when it is entering the whole eco-system. Facebook and Twitter connection are said to be imminent.

2) The Cloud moving to be a IT-as-a-Service
The article here describes this nicely. Which actually coincides with my view of the services offered by Microsoft Azure. Tests has shown that Azure is 10 times faster that on-premise servers. That’s due to the virtualization and integration between their SQL and Windows offering are optimizing the throughput for our applications.

3) Microsoft enabling the access to the cloud and video
Microsoft has done a long time work making Silverlight a primary tool for developing for PCs and Browsers. They have also made video-distribution with the technology, which have been adopted worldwide from broadcasters worldwide.
Microsoft has recently showed a beta of their LightSwitch tool, which the want to be as easy for the Cloud, XBox and Windows Phone 7 as VB was for Windows.


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