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Less vs. More: The Touch-Mobile-Cloud all out war (7)

The ribbon shows related tasks together in MS Word

This is the seventh post in my series: «8 reasons why PCs, servers, applications, search and web have peeked, whilst the mobile, the cloud, social media ant apps are surging ahead.» Today I will try to describe how the objective and content of the apps are quite different from what we have experienced in PC applications.

Let’s try to compare a typical PC application like Microsoft Word against Apple Pages for iPad. Word is an application that let you everything you can imagine in a document: text, desktop publishing, calculation, database, drawing, writing books, maintenance of documents/folders, programming and so on. Before Word 2007 there was a big business writing books and holding courses trying to drill people to understand and manage it. At least they had to invent a new UI element, the ribbon, a collection of groups of icons, to make the options more accessible to most of us. And this change was a paint to most knowledge workers. But as time passes, people have adjusted, and it’s now a necessity in managing this monster of an word processor. An a monster it is, it takes at least 20 seconds just to start on my Mac!

Pages, on the other hand, deal with just what’s necessary to produce a good looking document. And does it very well. The features appears only in the context when you use it, and the options are kept to a minimum. You don’t even have to save it. It’s saved automatically in some database inside the app. So you don’t have to organize the files either.
just doing whats expectred to do.

So when the application is like a multipurpose Black&Decker drill, the app is more like a nice ornamented sharp knife,

I’m looking forward to the next post, where I will tell you how the change from application to app is reflected for ERP or financials. Keeping hanging on!


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