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Mobile vs. PC: The Touch-Mobile Cloud vs. PC/GUI/CS/WEB all out war (4)

This is the fourth post in my series: «8 reasons why PCs, servers, applications, search and web have peeked, whilst the mobile, the cloud, social media ant apps are surging ahead.» Today trying to tackle the change from PC to mobile.
It’s astonishing that my current mobile is way more powerful that the IBM XT from the 1980s. It consisted of two cabinets, two screens and a keypad and weighed way more than 20 kg.

The PC
The PC is just that – a personal computer. It has all that we are accustomed to expect from PC, fast computing, a lot of space, ability to run a lot of programs concurrently. And use with a keypad and mouse. This nice machine however, is perceived hostile by a lot of children and elderlies, and is a source to endless frustrations for professionals. I´m so fed up installing and setting up my PC’s every three month, that I rather pay someone to do it. Before I loved to this chore work myself. But after 2 years with iPhone, I’ve found that we shouldn’t accept this stupidity anymore.

The mobile
The iPad has been a tremendous success in the market, Apple going to reach a production of 2 millions iPad month during winter. With that Apple proved that the iPhone concept could with success even when moved to bigger screens. Just around the corner is Apple TV waiting for the same iOS. iOS, the operating system running on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, is created to give people an excellent user experience in distinct focused apps.

The mobile has been extended with a lot of sensors recently: camera, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, thermometer are some. These sensors can automatically set the context for the user, so he doesn’t have to pass through endless menus and option screens.

I’ve covered the touch, the UX and the mobile. The next post I will clarify the role of apps as an substitute to application. Stay put!


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