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Cloud vs. Server: The Touch-Mobile Cloud vs. PC/GUI/CS/WEB all out war (5)

This is the fifth post in my series: «8 reasons why PCs, servers, applications, search and web have peeked, whilst the mobile, the cloud, social media ant apps are surging ahead.» Today I will try to describe the move from the server to the Cloud.

In year 2000 we started netAccount, a web-based ERP service for 4 countries. We started with a rack of servers, and later moved the servers to an ISP. It was incredible expensive, the servers scaled badly, and we had a lot of problems with downtime.

So one enabler when starting «no excuse accounting as» last year was the availability of Cloud services. I had long ago watched Amazons offerings, but it didn’t seemed to basic. The change came with Microsoft Azure, which moved the Cloud services one flat up. They actually offered SQL and web services that easily scaled. It was exactly what we needed, and 14 month later we have the iPhone iFacturas app running on Azure.

The Cloud has had a hard time being accepted by the public sector. Both in Spain and Norway there are laws requiring storage inside the countries borders. So it was to counter that, the «Private Cloud» concept started this summer. They have really made available the server containers that are foundations of Microsofts data-centers.

The following post will be increasingly interesting from an accounting provider point of view. The next will try to explain the move from complex applications like word to apps like Pages and Simplenote.


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