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Vimov Helps Developers Test Multitouch IPad Apps

One of the difficulties in developing apps for my developers, has been the inability to test for instance the GPS on the simulator. A post By Peter Sayer, IDG News tells how vimov.com are able to help you:

Vimov is offering developers writing for the Apple iPad a head-start in testing their apps, using an iPhone as a multitouch controller for Apple’s iPad simulator. The tool is designed to help developers who otherwise face problems testing some hardware-dependant features of their apps until they can get their hands on a real iPad.
Apple provides the iPad simulator as part of the software development kit (SDK), but the desktop machines on which the SDK runs don’t have GPS receivers, an electronic compass or screens with multitouch input, so apps relying on these cannot be tested fully, said Vimov’s technical director Osama Abd El Karim.
Vimov sells a small iPhone app, iSimulate, which streams video to the phone from the iPad or iPhone simulators in Apple’s SDKs, and sends back information from the iPhone’s multitouch screen, GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver, accelerometer and electronic compass to the simulator. While the trackpad in Apple laptops allows developers to test some apps relying on touch inputs in the simulator, it’s awkward to test software designed for use with the phone held in both hands and operated with the thumbs, Abd El Karim said.


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