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Touch vs. Mouse: The Touch-Mobile Cloud vs. PC/GUI/CS/WEB all out war (2)

From HowStuffWorks.com

This is the second post in my series: «8 reasons why PCs, servers, applications, search and web have peeked, whilst the mobile, the cloud, social media ant apps are surging ahead.» Today dealing with the huge change from mouse to touch.
iPhone pioneered this change from their first version. One important change from earlier attemps was that they used capacitative screens instead of resistive ones. The capacitive screen allowed use of fingers, and could also sense multi-touches, ie. touch from more than one finger.
Nokia et. al. just laughed at the iPhone which didn’t even have MMS or copy/paste. Still it grabbed the high-end market from Nokia and the others. Many iterations and 3 years later the multi-touch on iPhone4 and iPad is smooth and precise. Way better than any other touch-phone out there.
But as the smartphone markets matures, the other mobiles will follow, and Apples technical lead will be less. That’s excellent, because the importance of multi-touch is huge.
Multi-touch is simply a more intimate and human way to interact, that using a pointer steered by a mouse. Small children and Alzheimer patient are able to use it immediately. Even cats seems to get the clue.
But touch rises a bunch of new challenges when used in both small and large devices. The next post will try do deal with some as it will discuss the Graphical User Interface vs. User Experience. Stay put!


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