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What is really iFacturas?

I’m going to use Morten’s blog once more to let both iFacturas users and not users (yet) know about “what’s exactly iFacturas”.
Well, as the name shows, iFacturas is WP7 and iPhone app that will let contractors and tiny businesses invoice directly from the smartphone anywhere they are and at any time.

An iFacturas user will be able to create (and send, if wanted) an invoice in seconds and right at the point of service. Job done or item sold=invoice done and ready to be sent.
What the name does not say is that iFacturas is also doing the accounting automatically. Yes, that scary thing for contractors and freelances called “accounting” that is frequently hated by all of us turns into “nothing”, into “no-big-deal-at-all” thanks to iFacturas.
With iFacturas, we can also allow (if wanted) our external accountant advisor to take a look at our financials. If we need his/her aid, we will just provide him or her with a username and password that will grant his/her access to our status directly from a regular PC connected to the Interenet. This is, for real, one of my favourite features. It makes it so easy to be sure nothing is being done wrong, that it really turns into a must-have app. For those contractors or freelances who are not afraid of accounting, the same advantage applies. In this case, these iFacturas users will be able to check their accounting and invoicing from a PC and an Internet connection.
iFacturas is also a tool, a way of working actually, that storages all invoices for our customers. Any user will have always available all the invoices he/she has sent while using iFacturas. No need to go crazy looking for a 2-year-old invoice in “dusty” folders. He/she will just have to move through the “sent” invoices on the iPhone…and that’s it. As simple as that.

As you can see, iFacturas is much more than invoicing. iFacturas is a way of being always aware of the accounting and invoicing of one’s business. It’s a way of providing security, availability, simplicity, mobility. It’s all about taking care of our users’ time. A new manner of providing freedom and, of course, a way of invoicing faster so that our users get paid sooner.


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