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Mastering the lost art of communicating with investors

That’s an art I very much should like to master! Yesterday we held the 5th. presentation for investors. This time on SectorMatch at VentureLab in Oslo. They had cut the time to 4 minutes, and we didn’t manage to finish on time. But now I shall study this article from VentureBeat by Peter Bodine, and try to learn, learn, learn. Abstracts:

One of the best communicators around is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. This 1997 letter he wrote to shareholders is a marvelous example of how to talk to – and with – investors.
Among other things, he said Amazon may make decisions and weigh tradeoffs differently than other companies because of its emphasis on the long term, an uncommon view for a CEO for that timeframe. Then he went on to describe the company’s priorities in nine bullet points – not 50. It was a concise and effective way to get his point across.


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