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5 Reasons Why @iFacturas #iPhone invoicing need an API

I subscribe fully to our previous blogpost about the need of an API. Our server is in the #Cloud, and lucky for us in the Microsofrt #Azure cloud. There we are using SQL Azure and Windows Azure to the datastorage and business logic. The first layer above our stored procedures is Entity Framework 1. We use RIA services to communicate to and from our ASP.met MVC server. Thats the context where our API will communicate.
I imagine 5 reasons why customers will need and API:

  1. ReadWriteStart reasons in earlier blog.
  2. Our backend accounting system is designed for micro-companies. Larger companies will use only our mobile clients and part of the business logic, and pull the data into their own system.
  3. We will appreciate and support additional clients.
  4. We will let other countries and sectors have the possibilities to create their own accounting practices.
  5. We want to use our API in our clients, and thus enforce separation between layers.
Do you think I should have other reasons. Please come up with them!
Later blogs will cover Use Cases that we should cover.

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